Sunday , 29 May 2016

Mufti Abdul Qavi Tips dealing with Beautiful Girls


Good day ! I’m studying English here in Russia Emotion: smile ..And I have a question for everybody who will probably help me ) Is there a possibility to say, for example, to a girl: “you’re A most beautiful girl” .?.. Exactly “a” I mean. Because I don’t mean that she is “the most beautiful of some other girls”, the ...

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Ferrari By Abrar Ul Haq Superb Song Must Watch


the first thing is the world’s fastest car doesn’t even go to 270 which is Bugatti Chiron. so just think about Ferrari I think that top speed it would be around 160-190. that would be so embarrassing for Ferrari owners. Ferrari By Abrar Ul Haq From His Latest Album “Aithay Rakh” Artist: Abrar Ul Haq Song: Ferrari Music: Sohail Abbas ...

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Top Pakistani Celebrities Divorces and Marriages 2016


Getting Married or divorced is a very personal decision. A happy married life is definitely a blessing but sometimes things doesn’t work out properly between two people. You must try to save your marriage, but you must also try to save your happiness. Here are 16 Pakistani celebrities marriages and divorces of 2015. 1. Sanam Saeed and Farhan Hasan Actress ...

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Watch Real Face Neelam Munir Mobile Video Leaked


Neelam Muneer is a Pakistani actress and model. She appears on Hum TV, Geo TV and ARY Digital drama serials. Muneer made her acting debut in Thoda Sa Aasmaan. Later she appeared in Meri Subha Ka Sitara on Geo TV, Qaid-e-Tanhai, Aankh Macholi, Shehr-e-Dil Ke Darwazey, on Hum TV Jal Pari, Ashk on Geo TV and Urdu 1 serial Meri ...

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Javeria Abbasi Bad Act In Drama


Survival in business dependably relies on upon thinking of something one of a kind for your clients and consequently, be in front of whatever remains of the pack. The insurance business is no special case to this idea and accordingly, very fascinating advancements have been found in the field, coming from the expanding rivalry for customers. For engine vehicle proprietors, ...

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Karachi main


With regards to our month to month charges, we as a whole need to pay as meager as we can. That outlook stretches out past financial records, service bills and car installments and incorporates car insurance. Everybody, it appears, needs to know how to get the cheapest car insurance conceivable. Getting a decent arrangement of insurance can require some exertion, ...

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soor ka hamla.


President Obama has made a starting to the changes of insurance part. To start with there is a proposition to make the offering of insurance arrangements widespread without considering the any prior conditions. What it means is if a man is exceptionally old or has a weakness history, he can not be denied insurance. The specialists in the field of ...

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Miserable life of woman in India


No one is unaware of the Kashmir problems in both the neighboring countries since the day of independence. Till today there have been many wars and issues in this regard. Kashmiris are constantly demanding to merger with Pakistan however India is resisting it The people of Kashmir are living a very difficult life. Everyday we hear news about them being ...

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Horrible train accident leaves many dead


The Railways system of India needs improvement in every case. There are 14 million people in India who travel in railways daily. But after watching the train wreck situations of the railways, I think they are risking their lives upon travelling on such public transports. The worse situation of Indian Railways can be seen through this video. The train is ...

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Media hides war crimes against muslims


Human being no doubt is the most intellectual being on the planet earth, but at the same time this creation holds some animal instincts in it that ranges from intense hunger instinct to intense aggression. Such instincts like aggression when collectively are considered for all the mankind, it depicts the picture of effected world by this collective aggression instinct at ...

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Women are treated like animals in our society


Natural creations in their variety is rich enough to make us feel that there is some one very special as a Creator. And this creator no doubt is an intelligent being because every single entity when analyzed reveals that the proper and accurate use of proportions, design and formulas in it cannot be done randomly or by chance. Mankind is ...

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Giant snake eats a human alive


Can someone risk his life just to get a round of applause from the audience? Is the recognition and all the praise is much more important than a human life? Well, every sane mind will answer in no but these television channels only know to play with human emotions. They can go beyond imagination just to increase ratings and make ...

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Islamic concept of afterlife and punishment of grave


Islam has fully described the life after death where there would be nothing but Allah. In fact our whole religion is based on the afterlife we have to spend. Islam has described four stages of human existence. These stages are the birth, death, punishment of grave and life after death. These stages are perfectly described in the religion. Allah almighty ...

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